A great bow can dramatically improve your playing and costs far less than a good fiddle.   Owners of my bows include classical musicians of all skill levels, as well as traditional fiddlers who want to step up from harsh-sounding bows made of carbon fiber or low grade wood.

I could tell by the first few notes I played that this bow was the perfect match for my fiddle. It has an excellent balance of clarity and color and has the feel and playability of a fine French bow!. - Jason Anick, Berklee College of Music

Love my John Lamancusa violin bow! It has great balance and tone, and unbeatable price for a fine, handmade pernambuco stick. - Bruce Molsky, Berklee College of Music

I really love the tone it produces in my fiddles. It is strong and balanced. I'm a better player with this bow. - Ryck Kaiser, York PA

My Lamancusa bow is very responsive, tracks solidly and accurately with little effort, and draws an excellent and nuanced tone from my vintage violin. - Dave Reiner, Founder and Director of Fiddle Hell Massachusetts