Trial Contract Agreement

I am pleased to provide clients with the ability to try-out bows in the privacy of their own home. There is no charge or fee for this trial period; however the client is responsible for all return shipping costs. To complete the shipping process, we require a valid street address (no P.O. Box numbers), phone number, and valid credit card number (including expiration date and 3-digit security code). We ship only to the billing address of the client's credit card to comply with bank security policy.  The trial period is 7 days, from the date that the shipment is received by the client to the date it is sent back, or the purchase is confirmed. We request confirmation from the client by email that the shipment has arrived, and if it has been sent back. Should the client require additional time, please contact us and the trial contract can be adjusted. Should the bow need to be returned for any reason, we ask that it be sent by USPS Priority Mail. Please ship Monday through Thursday only (noting holidays as well), as it is not good for bows to be sitting in a shipping warehouse during extremely hot or cold weather. Should a client fail to return a bow by the agreed due date stated on the Trial Contract, they are financially responsible for the full value of the bow including its shipping tube. The risk for loss or damage remains the responsibility of the client while the bow is in their care. All liability will end when the item is returned in good condition. I apologize for the formality of requiring a Trial Contract Agreement, but these bows have been carefully handcrafted and are of considerable value.